japan/french electronic music

Tokyo + Tours = abstract music releases, by nayuta takeuchi, stéphanie letaconoux & nicolas mallet

- Tuner / live eleclova in London -
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Rythm & noise



- oppositeopossum / sonicar-at (FDSrec)


--"slightly abstract,resonating glitches and effects with enough depth and regard to musicality to keep it ticking along well. A home-made CDR that comes in a very attractive hand-stitched outer sleeve..." SMALLFISH records


Nonlinear musicmade of sound layers accumulating together with the liking of wobbly rhythmics,of low floating basses and of granulous and volatile phased drones, as if one found oneself transported in the ventilation of an aquatic dancefloor.

Find it at Smallfish records(Uk), Wave (Paris, Fr), or write us






Tuner live Winter session of White noise and RM soundsRecorded Wednesday 9th march 2005, upstairs the charterhouse -